We are committed to corporate volunteering actions

Corporate volunteering is the set of social activities promoted and supported by a company to involve its employees by dedicating their time, talent or skills to causes, projects and non-profit organisations. As a result, the Inspira Steam programme was born at the University of Deusto. It was implemented a few years ago in the Basque […]

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We won the 9th Edition of the MAZ Healthy Company Awards.

Since 2015, MAZ has been presenting these awards, which were created with the mission of highlighting the best business practices in terms of occupational risk prevention and reducing the accident rate. Companies such as BSH Electrodomésticos, Telefónica, Adidas, Port Aventura, Kantar Media, among others… have been awarded in previous editions. This year the Foundation has […]

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Hydrogen: towards a zero emission society

Hydrogen: towards a zero emission society. Scientific advances have brought us to a critical point where we are facing the challenges of reducing pollution and changing our emission pattern in society! That is why from the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation (FHa) we develop projects that collaborate with the way forward of zero emissions in society. The […]

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How is green hydrogen produced?

How is green hydrogen produced? This question has 1,180,000 Google searches. From here another question could arise, why the interest about this color of hydrogen? One of the most striking features of green hydrogen is that it is created using renewable energy sources. That is why its production and use is crucial nowadays. In Aragon […]

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COIIAR, our trustee visits three projects at the Foundation

COIIAR, our patron visits three projects in the Foundation. We have been visited by professionals from the Official College of Industrial Engineers of Aragon and La Rioja. The entity, Patron of the Foundation, has had the opportunity to tour our facilities and learn from our team about the ongoing projects of the Foundation. After a […]

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We are the only European entity involved in 5 hydrogen valleys

The platforms that bring together the main research and business agents in this field on the continent and the European Commission have signed a joint declaration in Brussels in which they are committed to strengthening collaboration to develop the hydrogen economy. The Aragon Hydrogen Foundation, chaired by the Vice President and Minister of Industry, Arturo […]

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OPTILYSER contributes to the optimisation of industrial renewable hydrogen production

The Aragon Hydrogen Foundation has hosted a final event in which the partners have evaluated the results achieved with the project and its possible applications. Achieving the objectives set by the European Union in terms of emission reduction and climate neutrality makes it essential to act on various sectors, including industry. The introduction of renewable […]

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Technical advances in the Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Complementary Plan are presented in Madrid.

This programme was initially launched with the Autonomous Communities of the Basque Country, Principality of Asturias, Aragon, Castilla La Mancha, the Canary Islands, the Autonomous Community of Navarre, Extremadura and Madrid, with the participation of the CSIC, through the signing of a framework agreement with the Ministry of Science and Innovation. Subsequently, following the Agreement […]

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