Discover what we do as the Foundation that develops sustainable projects with hydrogen and to lead the decarbonization using hydrogen as an energy vector at national and international level.



We promote the SDGs

FHa, as a non-profit organisation, whose objective is the development of new energy technologies based on hydrogen to help decarbonise and improve the environment, is set to conduct an analysis of the impact of its activities on the SDGs, using the methodology proposed on the Guide for Business Action on the SDGs. UN. SDG Compass, alongside complementary documents. This document shows the results of the analysis and how the impact of FHa´s activities on the SDGs will be measured.



Out of the 17 proposed goals,8 have been selected:



The energy transition to achieve climate-neutral societies is not a wild idea of the far future, but a reality we are already fully immersed in. Aware of the main threat posed by climate change and environmental degradation, Europe and the rest of the world are developing plans, legislation and regulations to stem it, with hydrogen as one of the key elements conducing to decarbonisation.

WE SUPPORT the European Green Deal. Presented in December 2019 as one amongst the first actions outlined in the agenda geared towards the transformation of the EU into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy, it is based on the reduction of emissions and job creation, and with the overall goal of achieving a climate-neutral Europe by 2050.

The Green Deal includes hydrogen as one of the key elements to attain carbon neutrality by 2050.

The foundation is also expanding its field of action through a number of alliances with other organisations to allow the transfer of knowledge and experience, as well as support its trustees in broadening its scope of action.


PilgrHYm, H2MAC and HyAcademy: three European projects driving the future of green hydrogen

PilgrHYm, H2MAC and HyAcademy are three new European projects in which the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation is part of. These projects are promoting the development of hydrogen as a key energy vector for the decarbonisation of the economy. PilgrHYm focuses on accelerating the development of a safe, efficient and flexible hydrogen network across Europe by reusing […]

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Energy: the elixir of life and the key to a sustainable future

Lately, energy has become a topic, especially green energy. “Energy” is a powerful word, it is an essential resource for life, it is that magnitude that allows things to move. The use of energy has been fundamental to the development of human civilisation. Throughout history, societies have used different sources of energy, such as wood, […]

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Project closes with results that would accelerate adoption of hydrogen technologies

We close project with results that would accelerate the adoption of hydrogen technologies. The project “Strategic positioning and promotion of sustainable hydrogen applications in the automotive and aeronautical sector” was carried out in collaboration between the Aeronautical and Aerospace Cluster of Aragon (AERA), the Automotive and Mobility Cluster of Aragon (CAAR) and the Foundation for […]

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