Optimisation of electrolysis integration, our project financed by the H2Aragón Complementary Plans.

Framed within the Complementary Plan for Renewable Energy and Hydrogen, this project is developed in the Line of Action LA1.A1. The Complementary Plans are an instrument of the MICINN aimed at establishing collaborations with the Autonomous Regions in R&D&I actions that have common objectives based on interests reflected in the State and Regional Smart Specialisation […]

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OPTHYCS project launch and website

OPTHYCS project launch and website. The advance towards the energy transition continues with one of the most recent projects in which the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation participates as a partner. This time it is the launch of the OPTHYCS project, which aims to develop new sensor technology which will lead to an increase in the safety […]

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Biodiversity and hydrogen to halt nature’s loss

Biodiversity and hydrogen to halt the loss of nature. Renewable energies have a key role to play in fulfilling the pacts to avert the global crisis. “Climate change and biodiversity loss (as well as pollution) are part of an interlinked triple global crisis that the world is currently facing. They must be addressed together if […]

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Interview with Dimitrios Apostolou: Cycling to work on a hydrogen-powered bike?

Interview with Dimitrios Apostolou: Cycling to work on a hydrogen-powered bike? On World Bike to Work Day, we would like to remember Dimitrios Apostolou, Energy Analyst at Market Management Department at Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO). Dimitrios developed his doctoral thesis at Aragon Hydrogen Foundation (FHa) under the co-direction of Vanesa Gil, ARAID researcher at […]

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SINNOGENES: A project for green energy systems

SINNOGENES: a project that provides methodologies for energy transition. One of the most recent projects in which Aragon Hydrogen Foundation (FHa) participates is SINNOGENES, a project that focuses on storage innovations for green energy systems. This project focuses on the development of a comprehensive framework of methodologies, tools and technologies (SINNO energy toolkit) that will […]

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We are committed to corporate volunteering actions

Corporate volunteering is the set of social activities promoted and supported by a company to involve its employees by dedicating their time, talent or skills to causes, projects and non-profit organisations. As a result, the Inspira Steam programme was born at the University of Deusto. It was implemented a few years ago in the Basque […]

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We won the 9th Edition of the MAZ Healthy Company Awards.

Since 2015, MAZ has been presenting these awards, which were created with the mission of highlighting the best business practices in terms of occupational risk prevention and reducing the accident rate. Companies such as BSH Electrodomésticos, Telefónica, Adidas, Port Aventura, Kantar Media, among others… have been awarded in previous editions. This year the Foundation has […]

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Hydrogen: towards a zero emission society

Hydrogen: towards a zero emission society. Scientific advances have brought us to a critical point where we are facing the challenges of reducing pollution and changing our emission pattern in society! That is why from the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation (FHa) we develop projects that collaborate with the way forward of zero emissions in society. The […]

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