Our project for the refurbishment of the HRS to 700 bar is already underway.

Framed within the Complementary Plan for Renewable Energy and Hydrogen, this project is developed in Action Line 6 (Development of systems for pressurised storage and supply of green hydrogen). The Complementary Plans are an instrument of the MICINN aimed at establishing collaborations with the Autonomous Regions in R&D&I actions that have common objectives based on interests reflected in the state and autonomous region’s Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3).

At present, our project for the refurbishment of the hydrogen plant installed at the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation continues with the planned work plan. Calvera Hydrogen, the company awarded the contract to supply the upgrade of the FHa refuelling station to 700 bar, has undertaken the preliminary phases of project engineering, focusing mainly on developing the process part and the launch of specifications and selection of the long storage equipment. In addition, the first versions of the process diagrams (P&ID), functional description of the installation, as well as the lists of equipment, valves and instruments have been issued. Procurement for the pressurised storage, cooling and compression systems has also been launched.

Once completed, the installation will have the capacity to refuel 3 vehicles per day. The dispenser is designed according to the refuelling requirements for light vehicles as per SAE J2601, and has a T40 cooling system (i.e. it cools the hydrogen supplied to the car tank to a temperature of -40ºC), which allows a quick vehicle refuelling in less than 5 minutes.

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