Generation and conditioning of hydrogen
Thanks to the expertise gained in operating the hydrogen production via electrolysis, we have the know-how required to design, optimize and execute hydrogen production, purification and storage facilities according to each project’s needs. Software tools developed and tested in FHA facilities are available for our process engineers to provide them with assistance in the design phases of the installation, both in equipment sizing and simulation of processes involved. We are able to manage every treatment and process step implied in the proper storage and supply of hydrogen, in agreement with the specifications required for each hydrogen application.
Integration of fuel cells
Nowadays, the world looks for a more efficient use of the energy and the use of fuel cells is a suitable technology because it conveys high energy efficiency and low environmental impact. The use of fuel cell in transport, portable devices and stationary generation is a fact. For these reasons, we promote the technical and scientific development of fuel cell technology, carrying out national and European private and public R&D&I projects related to their study, use, control and optimization in order to provide further knowledge of their technical potential and their impact on the industry and society. We develop technology on stationary and mobile devices. We promote the fuel cell use on real applications and demonstrative projects. We teach engineers and technicians on fuel cell and hydrogen technology (SEAS course).
Safety and legal aspects related to hydrogen systems
When talking about facilities or equipment both related to hydrogen, it must be considered some cross-cutting issues, including safety and regulations, codes and standards (RCS) of such systems. Thus, FHA put his knowledge to meet the customer needs in the following aspects: Area classification of potentially explosive atmospheres in the basis of ATEX Directives, and identification of general requirements in terms of safety, thus ensuring the correct operation at customer´s facilities. Expertise in risk assessment methodologies and tools (HAZOP, LOPA, FTA, etc.) used to evaluate potential hazards in process plants. RCS analysis depending on customer needs, and consulting on legal proceedings prior to a facility start-up or placing on the market a product. Additionally, FHA is an active participant in the development of standards at both national and European level, by taking part in the technical committees related to hydrogen technologies: AEN/CTN 181 and CEN/SFEM WG H2, respectively. Thus, FHA maintains a constant dialogue with stakeholders, including government agencies, industry and researchers related to hydrogen energy sector.
Feasibility analysis and sizing of hybrid installations with hydrogen and renewable generation
Hydrogen as energy carrier is one of the best ways of storing renewable energy, even more when big amount of power and energy are involved. Hydrogen technologies and renewable energy hybridization are a complex work that implies a customized study for each application. We model and simulate hybrid systems to improve their design and control devices. We promote real installations and demonstrative projects involving hydrogen technologies and renewable energy. Our installations are ready to support and test new systems and control methods.
Design of test benchs
One of the most important stages of the innovation projects is to test the new designs planned and, an effective way of doing so, consists of using test benches. Therefore, we offer solutions tailored for your application. We are specialized in developing test benches for all types of application, including those for hydrogen fuel cells.  The Foundation has developed a test bench for hybrid traction systems based on hydrogen fuel cells, batteries and supercapacitors. This test bench allows to obtain information on the optimization of a new or already existing power train in relation to different driving profiles. A test bench with a hydrogen fuel cell to know the performance in its hybridization in a battery electric bus has been also developed.
Business advice and financing opportunities
The Foundation is experienced in advising companies, particularly SMEs, for searching new markets and opening to international experiences. Besides, it offers support in the access to funding under the different programmes of projects to foster activities consolidating processes or products in an early stage of development to provide them greater maturity.
Project Management
The Foundation has wide experience in the management of R&D projects at national and international level. Specifically: It coordinates the projects HytechCycling, BigHit, H2PiyR, ELY4OFF, Elyntegration and SustainHuts. It represents the innovation cluster for the new hydrogen technologies (AEI-NTH), representing 66 public and private entities from different sectors. It has wide experience in the development of all kind of activities in collaboration with other partners, carrying out the management of quality of results and the control of the time of execution of the tasks.
Specialized training in renewable energy, energy efficiency and hydrogen technologies
We work together with SEAS Estudios Superiores Abiertos in offering high quality online training in a wide range of topics related to renewable energy and hydrogen. Within the training offered, we personally develop and teach the following courses and degrees: Wind energy course. Thermoelectric solar energy course. Fuel cells and hydrogen processes course. Hybrid and electric vehicles course. Savings and energy efficiency in buildings course. Distributed generation and energy markets course. Energy efficiency high course. Renewable energies high course. Hydrogen electric mobility high course. Wind power expert course. Solar energy expert course. Bachelor in management and maintenance energy production (renewable energies specialization). Master degree in renewable energies. Master degree in development and management of renewable energies. In addition, we develop an onsite training offer at our own facilities, which includes: University masters degrees: our engineers regularly provide training on topics related to fuel cells and hydrogen in different university courses. Practical training: we develop practical and specific hydrogen and fuel cell formation as well as renewable energy, energy efficiency and electric mobility taking advantage of our complete and widely equipped facilities. Customized courses: we take care of any needed training, performing a customized program. We train your team in any area related to renewable energy, fuel cells, hydrogen and electric mobility.
Sustainable mobility
Nowadays, transport is the activity where most primary energy is consumed and one of the main sources of noise and greenhouse effect polluting gases.  In order to reduce consumptions and pollutants there seems to be certain international consensus that the most appropriate technology is for the use of electrical engines in automotive. Other problems derived from the use of these electrical technologies, such as recharge time and autonomy, are vital development aspects to have a reliable, cheap and useful technology for the industry in particular and for society in general. We research and promote new ways of sustainable mobility, prioritizing the reduction of energetic dependence and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We develop hydrogen vehicles and energetic systems for all kinds of vehicles. We promote the battery electric vehicle as the first step towards the fuel cell electric vehicle. .su-custom-gallery-slide { width: calc(25% - 1em); } imoca_mov_sostBicisKartReva
Energy efficiency
The National and European regulatory framework moves us towards a more sustainable and energetically efficient development. In this sense, the Foundation helps you in the development of your projects improving the efficiency and competitiveness of your facilities and energy processes. We guide your renewable energy project from the beginning in order to reach a lower power consumption. We analyze your particular situation offering alternative solutions to reduce your energy costs increasing your profitability. We fully adjust the technical development to your operating conditions. We design your installations in the most efficient way with the latest technology of the moment. Our best experts mobilize your project with in collaboration with reliable companies and organizations. In addition, we incorporate a large group of technicians perfectly qualified in buildings energy certification. We review your purchases, billing and prices; moreover, we study the operating conditions of your renewable energy installations.