We are located in the Walqa Technology Park situated in Huesca. Our facilities are comprised of some 1,200 square metres between offices, laboratories and a workshop.

Our unit is unique in Spain, and with 8.5 metres in height, safety measures (ATEX), gas detection equipment and ventilation, represents a suitable installation to work with large scale hydrogen equipment.

The building is part of the project call: Technology Infrastructure for Hydrogen and Renewable Energies, ITHER, conceived and carried out by the Foundation.

  • A 635 kW wind farm with three different technology turbines.
  • A 100 kW grid connected photovoltaic installation with seven different technologies.
  • A big scale alkaline technology electrolyzer.
  • Energy management subsystems, electrical grid interconnection, hydrogen storage, and final use of hydrogen in fuel cells.

The installations are complete since June, 2010 and include a service station for hydrogen vehicles (hydrogen station), the second station in Aragon. As part of this last phase, our facilities now encompass all the areas related to hydrogen technologies, from the production of hydrogen by means of water electrolysis, to low and high pressure storage, compression and finally, closing the cycle, hydrogen dispensation to both vehicles and fuel cell buses.

The installations are experimental test bench facilities for renewable energy and hydrogen, accessible to researchers by means of collaboration agreements. The distinguishing aspects of our facilities are that we offer unique testing and experimentation capacities in the field of hydrogen and renewable energies.

We generate green hydrogen proceeding from our renewable sources for consumption in stationary or mobile applications. During this process we evaluate the efficiency and functionality of the process.