SINNOGENES: A project for green energy systems

SINNOGENES: a project that provides methodologies for energy transition.

One of the most recent projects in which Aragon Hydrogen Foundation (FHa) participates is SINNOGENES, a project that focuses on storage innovations for green energy systems.

This project focuses on the development of a comprehensive framework of methodologies, tools and technologies (SINNO energy toolkit) that will help the transition to clean energy by providing innovative energy storage and flexible power generation solutions, while ensuring compatibility of distributed energy storage systems and standards for participation in flexible markets.

One of the objectives of the project is to exploit the flexibility potential of existing assets at different levels of the energy system, in order to provide flexibility services to operators through the use of innovative storage technologies.

Aragon Hydrogen Foundation in SINNOGENES

SINNOGENES involves 27 partners from Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Switzerland. It includes 6 demonstration sites in 5 different European countries. The proposed energy toolkit (SINNO) will be tested in different environments and demand sectors.

Aragon Hydrogen Foundation will participate in one of the 6 demonstration campaigns, in which the functionalities of the proposed toolkit will be tested and evaluated in a Local Energy Community (LEC) of several buildings in the Walqa Technology Park.

It will take advantage of the solar and wind energy sources operating in the FHa and Walqa facilities, while avoiding costly grid reinforcements.

In addition, the application will take advantage of the availability of the electrolysers at the FHa facilities to increase/decrease the power in order to provide flexibility to the LEC. The concept of electrolysis to provide grid balancing services is still subject to testing and prior demonstration in EU projects. In the SINNOGENES content, this particular aspect will be demonstrated in a relevant LEC environment.

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