The HyResponder project trains Spain’s fire brigades in hydrogen technology

The HyResponder project trains firefighters in Spain in hydrogen.

The HyResponder project, coordinated by the University of Ulster and funded by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) now Clean Hydrogen Partnership (CHE), aims to train firefighters in emergency response and hydrogen safety.

As a result, a workshop was held on 16 and 17 May, a lecture open to fire brigades from all over Spain, which is the final part of the project.

The objectives of the event were, therefore, to publicise the project, show the work carried out and the conclusions drawn and, above all, to train professionals from different fire brigades in Spain, learn about their concerns and introduce them to emergency response in relation to hydrogen technologies.

In addition to members of companies such as CAF Centro Zaragoza, Zoilo Rios and Arpa, there were also representatives from universities such as the University of Zaragoza and Sapienza, the University of Rome, which was participating in the project.

The firefighters came from various cities/communities, such as Logroño, Navarra, Valencia, Bizkaia and Granada, Huesca, Barcelona, among others.

The event was packed, with about 85 people.

The results were positive. Many firefighters learned about the differences in the way they operate with hydrogen and electric vehicle technologies, and law enforcement agencies are now better prepared for the future H2 economy.

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