HYPRAEL, our new project focused on reducing global hydrogen production costs

The HYPRAEL project aims to drastically reduce the energy consumption of H2 production and contribute to reducing the overall costs of hydrogen production by increasing the output pressure of the H2 produced and improving energy efficiency by raising the temperature to at least 120 C. HYPRAEL focuses on the development of advanced technologies for the energy and cost efficient production of compressed hydrogen (at least 80 bar). To achieve the main objective, the well-established and mature alkaline electrolysis technology (AEL) will be significantly improved beyond the state of the art.

From the Foundation we have the mission to coordinate the project, lead the work packages related to the scaling-up potential of the technology and the social, economic and environmental impacts, and participate in the definition and execution of the tests for the validation of the novel BoP and pressurised stacks. In addition, it will coordinate the communication and dissemination activities and the exploitation of results.

“To support the massive increase of H2 use in the EU energy system, hydrogen infrastructures are needed that include the increase of clean production, storage and transport. At the Foundation, we are trying to support this by developing projects such as HYPRAEL, which aims to drastically reduce energy consumption and the overall costs associated with hydrogen production through alkaline electrolysis. From a technical point of view, this will be achieved with the development of new materials and stack components with which we want to reach at least 80 bar of pressure and a temperature of 120ºC and which will be validated experimentally”. Laura Abadía -Project Coordinator- and Lidia Martínez, Technicians of the R&D Department at the Foundation and responsible for leading the project.

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