We are committed to corporate volunteering actions

Corporate volunteering is the set of social activities promoted and supported by a company to involve its employees by dedicating their time, talent or skills to causes, projects and non-profit organisations.

As a result, the Inspira Steam programme was born at the University of Deusto. It was implemented a few years ago in the Basque Country. And as a result of its success, it has spread to other Autonomous Communities. In fact, in Aragon we were pioneers in joining this programme together with organisations such as the CIRCE Foundation and DOW.

Specifically, our action has been developed in the public school PIO XXII (Huesca) with the aim of transmitting to children that they can be whatever they want to be tomorrow and to bring them closer to scientific professions, eliminating any bias or prejudice generated. We plan to carry out this activity in other schools throughout the year.

“The organisations ask us for parity in our staff, but sometimes it is unfeasible because there is no parity in the training centres and universities. With Inspira Steam, we are raising awareness about the biases that can surround us and influence us when we make decisions, such as the job we choose. All the entities and people who collaborate with Inspira Steam do not wait for change, but generate it”, says Clara Estallo, Head of the Support Area at Fundación Inspira Steam.

In addition, during this first week of May, we have also been supporting the 11th Aspace Walk. This 18-kilometre family walk, a benchmark of solidarity in the Aragonese sports calendar, has become a symbol of social support for the group of people with cerebral palsy and related disabilities in the province.

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