The Aragon Hydrogen Foundation is currently made up of a team of 25 people.

Our workforce is comprised of a multidisciplinary research team formed by young electrical, electronic, industrial, chemical, IT and mechanical engineers. We have qualified experts in Renewable Energies and Hydrogen Technologies, as well as support staff expert in different areas such as management, communication and IT.



Fernando Palacín
Managing Director
Manuel Muniesa
Head of Project Management
Guillermo Figueruelo
Head of Strategic Area and Business Development Department
Guillermo Martínez
Head of IT
Jennifer Mur
Head of Administration and HR
Jesús Simón
Head of Strategy
Mercedes Sanz
Head of Consulting and Training
Pedro Casero
Head of Technical Area
Vanesa Gil
Head of R&D
Marisa Martínez
Head of Communication and Digital
Clara Estallo
Head of Support Area, People and Processes
Jaime Vinués
Head of Infrastructure
Paula Barbero
Head of Innovation