SINNOGENES: Requirements for flexibility market compliance and consumer acceptance

The SINNOGENES project endeavours to consolidate the Innovative Energy Storage Toolkit (SINNO), a comprehensive framework comprising methodologies, tools, and technologies aimed at overcoming present limitations in energy storage technology. This initiative seeks to demonstrate the sustainability, technical prowess, lifespan, geographical independence, and economic efficiency of innovative storage solutions. It revolves around the integration of cutting-edge […]

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CANDHy project tests hydrogen tolerance of non-steel metallic materials

CANDHy project tests hydrogen tolerance of non-steel metallic materials. The CANDHy project offers a solution by providing the opportunity to test various metallic materials, distinct from the extensively studied steels, using a methodology that involves simultaneous testing in independent R&D platforms with a unified approach. This approach will yield reliable and reproducible results regarding the […]

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Interview with Dimitrios Apostolou: Cycling to work on a hydrogen-powered bike?

Interview with Dimitrios Apostolou: Cycling to work on a hydrogen-powered bike? On World Bike to Work Day, we would like to remember Dimitrios Apostolou, Energy Analyst at Market Management Department at Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO). Dimitrios developed his doctoral thesis at Aragon Hydrogen Foundation (FHa) under the co-direction of Vanesa Gil, ARAID researcher at […]

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Ebro Hydrogen Corridor presented in Aragon

Aragon has been the setting chosen to present the Ebro Hydrogen Corridor, a project that seeks to boost inter-territorial connection and serve as a link between the major regional initiatives around renewable hydrogen that are already underway in northeastern Spain. This new ecosystem is set to play a leading role in decarbonising the surrounding industry […]

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The first call of the H2PIONEROS programme is published.

Based on the Resolution of 27 January 2022, of the Board of Directors of E.P.E. Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía (IDAE), M.P., the first call is established for the programme of incentives for pioneering and unique renewable hydrogen projects (H2 PIONEROS Programme) within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience […]

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2022, a new year to travel together

The year is coming to an end and we are taking stock. The road to get here has brought us many lessons learned and looking back we remember and value the support received in favour of hydrogen. In 2021 we launched the GetHyGA initiative and we look ahead to 2022 with the Hydrogen Master Plan […]

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European Hydrogen Energy Conference 2022

EHEC provides an excellent framework for the update of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and is the best stage for showcasing the latest research and development, projects and products. In its 2022 edition, it will bring the latest developments in the research and business sector into the public eye. In addition, the conference will facilitate […]

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