SINNOGENES: Requirements for flexibility market compliance and consumer acceptance

The SINNOGENES project endeavours to consolidate the Innovative Energy Storage Toolkit (SINNO), a comprehensive framework comprising methodologies, tools, and technologies aimed at overcoming present limitations in energy storage technology. This initiative seeks to demonstrate the sustainability, technical prowess, lifespan, geographical independence, and economic efficiency of innovative storage solutions. It revolves around the integration of cutting-edge energy storage systems at the nexus of renewable energies and specific demand sectors.

With six pilot projects scheduled across Portugal, Spain, Germany, Greece, and Switzerland, SINNOGENES aims to demonstrate technical and economic feasibility while adapting solutions to diverse geographical and regulatory contexts. The project’s strategic approach includes a comprehensive analysis of scalability and replicability, intending to showcase the broad potential impact of its innovations at the European level.

The project’s scope and objectives are deeply connected with task 2.1 “Requirements for flexibility market compliance and consumer acceptance”, serving as the keystone for the development of the SINNOGENES tool suite. This task is integral in identifying technology enablers, regulatory barriers, and flexibility requirements, aligning with Objective 3 of the project, which focuses on reducing regulatory barriers and exploring market compliance requirements for flexibility technologies.

To accomplish its objectives, SINNOGENES conducted extensive studies involving surveys and personal interviews with key stakeholders in the energy system. The 44 stakeholders that completed the survey, including system operators, energy retailers, industrial consumers, research centre, and various others, provided insights into technology, regulations, and market aspects related to flexibility. This comprehensive approach aimed to measure the expected evolution of flexibility in Europe across multiple sectors. The interviews with 8 stakeholders, most of them already participants in the survey, provided a deeper approach to the topics.

To get more information and reach new stakeholders, we invite you to contribute to SINNOGENES project by fulfilling our survey.

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