Investigating the future of hydrogen in the EPHyC

The Aragon Hydrogen Foundation and the 4AirCRAFT project were presented at the first edition of the European PhD Hydrogen Conference, an event that brought together more than 175 PhD students from all over the world to share ideas on hydrogen research.

Thanks to our participation in the Hydrogen Europe Research, we had the opportunity to present the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation (FHa) and the 4AirCRAFT project at the European PhD Hydrogen Conference (EPHyC) in Ghent, Brussels.

This first edition of the EPHyC was dedicated to the advancement of hydrogen technologies, given that, according to the organisers, none of the hydrogen conferences in the world are specifically adapted to PhD researchers, nor are they organised on a European scale.

The conference served to bring together more than 175 PhD students from 87 institutions, from 19 different countries, who are working hard on hydrogen research, therefore, they had the opportunity to exchange ideas about the challenge of a sustainable energy for the world.

On behalf of Aragon Hydrogen Foundation, Eduardo Bernad, R&D technician, participated and described the EPHyC experience as “inspiring”. In addition to presenting the work being undertaken at FHa, Bernad participated in the conference by presenting the results of his research associated with the 4AirCRAFT project, which aims to produce synthetic fuels for aviation from renewable hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

Due to the large participation in the conference organised by Hydrogen Europe Research, it has been announced that the second edition of the EPHyC will be held in 2025.

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