We close the year 2022 with two new projects

We close the year 2022 with two new projects to continue with the development of energy with hydrogen as an energy vector. The Hydrogen Foundation in Aragon continues to advance with projects in the sector. This year 2022 we close it with two new projects, one of them is “CFD” (Development and validation of a […]

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HIGGS holds 3rd External Advisory Board Meeting

HIGGS held the 3rd External Advisory Board Meeting at the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation on Thursday, December 1, 2022. In addition, the External Advisory Board had the opportunity to see the platform in operation during the start of the experimental campaign, which contemplates the injection of 30% H2 concentration in the mixture. The objective of the […]

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GREEN HYSLAND: more than just a pilot project

GREEN HYSLAND is much more than a pilot project in Mallorca. It is also about showing the full potential of renewable hydrogen for decarbonization and economic development of the islands in the European Union and worldwide. Several islands are directly involved in GREEN HYSLAND as project partners and will participate in an in-depth GREEN HYSLAND […]

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4AirCRAFT: Consortium showcases I+D advances

The 4AirCRAFT consortium presented I+D advances at a meeting held on June 30th and July 1st. The meeting was a hybrid meeting. Representatives of the Hydrogen Foundation in Aragon (Fha), Hokkaido University, the CSIC institutes involved (INMA and ICV) and the University of Turin were able to attend in person. In remote format were present […]

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The Foundation brings together 3 well-known scientific disseminators to live #LifeSustainHutsExperience.

SustainHuts is aimed at reducing CO2 emissions in natural environments by implementing innovative and original solutions based on renewable energies in mountain refuges. This project, recently completed, has attracted the attention of 3 scientific disseminators who have come to visit one of the locations of the project: the Ibones de Bachimaña Refuge in Huesca, at […]

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5.10.2021 WORKSHOP We invite you to learn about the final conclusions of the SUSTAINHUTS project.

This SUSTAINHUTS workshop presents the final actions implemented in the huts involved as well as the results that are being obtained. In the last part of the workshop, a debate between the partners involved will allow to emphasize the objectives accomplished, the lessons learned during the development of the project, and the potential applicability and […]

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SH2E holds its General Asambly with the support of all partners

The General Asambly of the SH2E project, now in its sixth month, took place on 1 July. The objective of the SH2E project is to provide a harmonised multidimensional framework for LCSA and prospective benchmarking of FCH systems. To this end, the SH2E project will develop and demonstrate specific guidelines for environmental (LCA), economic (LCC) […]

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PROMET-H2: A European project for reducing the cost and making a more sustainable methanol production from renewable hydrogen on an industrial scale

The Aragon Hydrogen Foundation is participating in this initiative, which has a budget of nearly 6 million euros and brings together 12 academic and industrial partners from 6 countries. The current need to decarbonize society and the different economic activities makes it necessary to implement new processes that allow this purpose to be carried out […]

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