HyModelica: Precision digital twin for the future of green hydrogen

The development of the tool for the digitalisation of a plant for the generation, storage and use of renewable hydrogen is still underway.

Aragon Hydrogen Foundation, together with partners Sisener and SFICE Innovative Minds are approaching the final stretch of the HyModelica project. The optimal design of the digital twin for the simulation of a green hydrogen generation plant is accompanied by a precision that enhances the value of research with this renewable fuel.

During the last project consortium meeting, SFICE technicians gave a new demonstration of the tool they are developing, which will also allow for improved planning of future projects using green hydrogen as an energy vector. At present, several simulation models are available to predict with great precision the operation of hydrogen plants and the production of by-products such as ammonia.

The tool is based on the conversion of hydrogen into other energy carriers, considering ammonia and methanol as the e-fuels with the greatest potential at present.

This project is part of the support programme for Innovative Business Groups (AEI), within the line dedicated to research activities.

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