GREEN HYSLAND: more than just a pilot project

GREEN HYSLAND is much more than a pilot project in Mallorca. It is also about showing the full potential of renewable hydrogen for decarbonization and economic development of the islands in the European Union and worldwide.

Several islands are directly involved in GREEN HYSLAND as project partners and will participate in an in-depth GREEN HYSLAND replication study:

Madeira, Portugal.
Tenerife, Spain.
Aran, Ireland.
Greek Islands.
Ameland, The Netherlands.
Chiloe Island, Chile.

GREEN HYSLAND, as a fully operational hydrogen (H2) ecosystem deployment project on the island of Mallorca, will have demonstration activities and the following fuel cell and hydrogen (FCH) end-user applications will be delivered:

 Lloseta Green H2 plant

 Municipal building in Lloseta

 Cas Tresorer Station

 Palma Hotel

 Transport applications at EMT bus depot

 Port of Palma

GREEN HYSLAND demonstrations will provide Europe with a model for the decarbonization of island economies, and an operational example of the contribution of H2 to the energy transition and net zero targets for 2050. Islands, despite being remote locations, will also have the option of hydrogen technology applications thanks to projects like this one.

From FHa, as part of the multidisciplinary consortium that covers the entire value chain of the project, we are committed to the environment and to the fulfillment of the project’s objectives and, continue with the models for decarbonization, not only in the islands, but also in the whole world.

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