4AirCRAFT moves into its second year of development

4AirCRAFT moves into its second year of development.

The 4AirCraft project has reached the midterm of its development. In the midterm, all the corresponding justifications have been made to the funding bodies (European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme) and the management has been approved. In addition, the mid-term objectives have been achieved.

What results have been obtained during the first year of the project?

During these two years, we have been investigating biocatalysts, inorganic nanocatalysts, electrocatalysts, as well as materials suitable for controlled spatial distribution. The aim is to produce synthetic aviation fuels from CO2 and renewable hydrogen under milder operating conditions (pressure and temperature) than those currently available on the market. As explained in the project goal: “The project aims to develop innovative technology for the direct conversion of CO2 to C8-C16 under much milder and greener conditions as compared to conventional synthesis routes. This will be achieved through the cooperative development, validation and exploitation of the rational design of catalytic materials and its environment tuning”.

What progress is expected for the second year?

For this second year, the proof of concept of the cascade reactor that has been designed in 4AirCRAFT is expected to be carried out. This proof of concept is intended to verify that these materials/design work properly and in sync with the operating conditions planned. In addition, further studies will be carried out to validate the investigated technology.

What will the partners develop during the second year?

During the second year, the partners will continue their research on obtaining materials that have very good characteristics to be operated in the cascade reactor based on the feedback they receive from the proof of concept.

In the end, with projects like 4AirCRAFT, we will be able to obtain a technology that will reduce overall CO2 emissions by creating a closed carbon fuel cycle contributing to a circular economy and the replacement of fossil fuels.

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