We have participated in RENMAD H2 LOGISTICS EUROPE

Following regulatory and technological advances in the production of renewable hydrogen, we are faced with the challenges associated with its logistics, which, in addition to ensuring the connection of production and demand points, is essential to ensure the flexibility of the energy system, ensuring the use of surplus renewable energies and reducing costs, limitations and seasonal imbalances in the system.

It is clear that hydrogen storage and transportation infrastructure are the only way to boost and maximize the possibilities offered by renewable hydrogen, and become a key challenge to overcome, as well as a business and partnership opportunity.

We had the opportunity to participate in RENMAD H2 Logistics Europe to meet with professionals and solution providers with practical experience in the storage and transport of green hydrogen to deepen and raise solutions to existing challenges such as costs, safety, maturity of existing technologies and reuse and / or construction of new infrastructure.

During the conference, our colleague Sara Martínez, Head of Business Development, moderated the panel “From regulation to opportunity: Explore the keys to success in renewable H2 logistics projects” and our Technical Area Manager, Pedro Casero, participated in the panel discussion Solutions for the transport of renewable H2 – Liquid, compressed, ammonia or LOHC hydrogen?

A meeting of maximum interest for the sector and in which we are very proud to have participated, as highlighted by Guillermo Figueruelo, our Head of the Strategy Area.

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