Introducing the HTP Tool platform that replicates the hydrogen valley concept

We present the HTP Tool that replicates the hydrogen valley concept.

Setting up Hydrogen Valleys in Europe: from theory to practice is the name of the workshop held on October 5, 2023 by the Green Hysland Project in Vlieland, Netherlands.

During the workshop a presentation of Green Hysland and other projects such as HEAVENN was made to provide an overview of hydrogen valleys.

In addition to the demonstration of successful examples of hydrogen valleys developed in different European countries, the Hydrogen Foundation Aragon, with the participation of Aitor Sanzo, Technical Consulting and Training and Teresa Villuendas, Hydrogen Valleys Coordinator, both in FHa, presented the HTP Tool platform, a tool that gives concrete technical solutions and offers the possibility of making a techno-economic analysis much more advanced than with the previous version in the simulation of hydrogen valleys.

The experts in the tool assure that it is an innovative instrument because it facilitates to any territory the task of replication and obtaining data that could guarantee the investment in a hydrogen valley within the territory interested in replicating this concept.

During the workshop, those present were able to learn, for the first time, how the current tool is and how it can be used. Through a case study with an island in the north of Ireland, it was shown how much hydrogen could be produced per year from off shore wind energy.

The interest was shown by the people who attended the workshop session and who are not part of the project, and they assured that there is a need for this type of tool that simulates a hydrogen valley.

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