Three projects of the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation will receive 130,000 euros in the call for Innovative Business Groups of the Ministry of Industry.

Aragon Hydrogen Foundation intensifies its work to carry out energy and industrial decarbonization

The Aragon Hydrogen Foundation continues to provide companies in the region and society in general with new opportunities for development and wealth creation related to decarbonised energy and hydrogen. This is demonstrated by the recent award of grants for a total amount of nearly 135,000 euros for three projects requested by the entity in the 2020 call to support innovative business clusters to improve the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises. The Foundation was recognised by the Ministry of Industry as an Innovative Business Grouping 10 years ago, which made it one of the first examples of a cluster or sectorial grouping of companies to be created in Aragon.

The three projects that have received this backing, promoted by the Foundation and in collaboration with other industrial or research partners, are the following:

COMPUTAMEH Project. Dynamic computational modelling of methane and hydrogen mixtures in natural gas transport networks, to study their behaviour and that of end-use equipment such as boilers, etc. with a view to decarbonising these sectors.

SMARTBIOGRES project. Design and bench testing of new absorbent materials for the cleaning and purification of biogas with a view to integrating renewable gas obtained from landfill waste into the energy system.

ENERAGRI4.0 Project. Improvement of the energy efficiency of a wine cellar through the use of hydrogen as an energy vector to tackle the decarbonisation of the industry. The aim is to study the technical and economic feasibility of an intelligent management system that integrates photovoltaic solar energy generation, water storage and energy production with a hydraulic turbine, accumulation in lithium and hydrogen batteries and hydrogen fuel cell trucks.

The Hidrogeno Aragón Foundation obtained these grants within the framework of the Hydrogen Master Plan in Aragon 2016-2020, and they refer to lines of work that will be continued in the Master Plan 2021-2025, which is in the launch phase and will be released later this year. This is a key document for continuing to identify opportunities in the deployment of this technology in accordance with well-defined strategic lines, and above all, so that the economic, industrial and social fabric of the autonomous community can benefit from all this work.

At the same time as dealing with the development of hydrogen and its energy, industrial and mobility-related applications in the region, the Foundation is actively involved in defining the European framework within which this sector will operate over the coming years. For example, by taking part in the working groups currently being held, promoted by the European Hydrogen Alliance, to address aspects such as production, transport and distribution, mobility and the energy, industrial and residential uses of hydrogen, fields in which the main projects in this field will emerge in the coming years, attracting significant volumes of public and private resources and benefiting society as a whole.


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