January 2023 - December 2026


The SINNOGENES project aims at designing and demonstrating innovative energy storage technologies, while valorising the flexibility potential in different cross-energy carriers and accelerating the decarbonization ambitions in all the sectors across the EU. The fulfilment of that objective is realized through the Storage INNOvations (SINNO) energy toolkit; a suite of innovative technologies and applications that render energy storage as the game-changer for the acceleration of the successful energy transition and sectors decarbonization towards an EU integrated and flexible energy system. Collaboration and sharing experience across different countries is essential to learning the best paradigms for energy storage valorisation. Therefore, SINNOGENES conducts six (6) demonstration campaigns in five (5) dispersed countries across the EU to test and evaluate the functionalities of the proposed toolkit in different environments and demand sectors. This will facilitate the adoption and usage of innovative storage solutions to unlock the active participation of value chain actors in flexibility markets and to promote the energy system transformation aligned with the Paris Agreement and the UN’s 2030 Agenda2 for Sustainable Development. The specific technical and operational objectives of the project are: 1. Design, implement and demonstrate a toolkit that offers holistic management and assessment of energy storage technologies. 2. Propose a versatile stack of energy storage technologies integrated into different system applications. 3. Diminish regulatory barriers and explore market compliance requirements of energy storage technologies for supporting decarbonisation targets and flexibility services. 4. Develop and demonstrate data-driven digital applications, while ensuring data interoperability in the energy storage ecosystem for the empowerment of innovative storage technologies across the EU. 5. Identifying, quantifying, and evaluating the benefits of grid-connected energy storage from a technical, environmental and economic perspective. 6. Create replicability pathways towards adoption of the SINNOGENES technologies in a pan-European scale, implement an impact assessment study of the SINNOGENES energy toolkit compatible with the EC modelling methods, while ensuring a strong dissemination strategy and involvement in the BRIDGE activities.


The role of Fundación Hidrógeno Aragón in this project is to support testing and evaluating the functionalities of the proposed toolkit in one of the six (6) demonstration campaigns, a Local Energy Community (LEC) of various buildings in Walqa Technology Park (WTP), making the most of the solar and wind energy sources operating at FHa facilities and WTP, and simultaneously avoiding costly distribution grid reinforcements. Additionality, the application leverages the availability of the electrolysers from FHA facilities to increase/decrease power in order to procure flexibility to the LEC. The concept of electrolysis to provide grid balancing services is still subject to testing and pre-demonstration in EU projects. In the content of SINNOGENES, this particular aspect will be demonstrated in a relevant environment of a LEC.
Funding entities
Horizon Europe (HORIZON) HORIZON-CL5-2022-D3-01-11 Demonstration of innovative forms of storage and their successful.