SH2E holds its General Asambly with the support of all partners

The General Asambly of the SH2E project, now in its sixth month, took place on 1 July. The objective of the SH2E project is to provide a harmonised multidimensional framework for LCSA and prospective benchmarking of FCH systems. To this end, the SH2E project will develop and demonstrate specific guidelines for environmental (LCA), economic (LCC) and social (SLCA) life cycle assessment and benchmarking of FCH systems, while addressing their coherent integration into robust guidelines.

During the meeting, the objectives of the project were highlighted as well as the progress of the project was presented. IMDEA Energy, the Spanish partner and leader of the project, presented the work done so far in work package WP1 on “Coordination and Steering”. As well as the progress of work package WP7 on “Communication”. In which the launch of the project website. On the other hand, the French partner CEA was in charge of the presentation of work package WP1 on “Reformulation of the LCA Guidelines” and the German partner Jülisch developed its presentation on WP4 Assessment, testing, evaluation, testing, benchmarking and validation of LCSA. The Institute of Applied Energy (IAE), which carries out research activities from a technological point of view, also participated, together with SYMBIO and GreenDelta.

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