Sedigas gathers its infrastructure think tank in the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation

According to the European Commission, Spain is the country with the greatest hydrogen production and export potential at European level, due in part to the seasonal nature of our consumption and the high share of renewables in the energy mix.

Although they do not guarantee constant production, they can be used to produce hydrogen and store it, which means that this energy vector is set to become one of the country’s great allies in its process of energy transformation and carbon neutrality.

The Spanish Gas Association, Sedigas, has been received today at the facilities of the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation by Javier Navarro – Vice President of the Foundation and Fernando Palacín – Managing Director. The meeting brought together the members of the infrastructure group of the think tank to study the feasibility of hydrogen injection in natural gas infrastructures.

The entities of this working group participated in the meeting: Nedgia, Enagás, Sedigas, Naturgy, Redexis, Nortegas and Enagás GTS. During the day, the members of the think tank visited the test platform of the HIGGS project, whose main objective is to address the potential of hydrogen injection into the high-pressure natural gas transmission network as a way to achieve the decarbonisation of the gas system and its uses. The working group has shown great interest in the test platform and its research potential, as well as in the achievements to date.


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