Hydrogen: towards a zero emission society

Hydrogen: towards a zero emission society. Scientific advances have brought us to a critical point where we are facing the challenges of reducing pollution and changing our emission pattern in society! That is why from the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation (FHa) we develop projects that collaborate with the way forward of zero emissions in society.

The goal is to reach the possibility of a zero emission society, but that means we have to take action and make real changes. Scientists and organisations are working hard to develop new technologies and policies to get us to a zero emission society.

It will take a united effort to ensure that the work of scientists is translated into the implementation of practical solutions that will then help achieve the goal of a zero emission society.

Commitment in Spain

The catastrophic consequences on the climate are no coincidence and it is the responsibility of citizens and companies to reduce emissions to help stop them.

The European Union states that Europe wants to be the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. In this respect, Spain is one of the countries that is committed to the Green Deal for the production of sustainable and clean energy.

In addition to this, several communities in the country are carrying out small and large-scale projects with the aim of advancing with the 2030 Agenda ahead. In Aragon, from the FHa, any of the projects that use hydrogen as an energy vector can be taken as an example. A green hydrogen that comes from renewable energies.

In order for hydrogen to lead us towards a zero-emissions society, it is necessary to have it as a key molecule, in addition to the fact that our team of researchers will continue to contribute their scientific knowledge for the benefit of planet Earth.

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