Hydrogen: towards a zero emission society

Hydrogen: towards a zero emission society. Scientific advances have brought us to a critical point where we are facing the challenges of reducing pollution and changing our emission pattern in society! That is why from the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation (FHa) we develop projects that collaborate with the way forward of zero emissions in society. The […]

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How is green hydrogen produced?

How is green hydrogen produced? This question has 1,180,000 Google searches. From here another question could arise, why the interest about this color of hydrogen? One of the most striking features of green hydrogen is that it is created using renewable energy sources. That is why its production and use is crucial nowadays. In Aragon […]

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On 22 April, Business France Iberian Peninsula, the Agency for the international development of French companies, with the support of the Economic Service of the French Embassy in Spain and the Normandy Region, organised the First Franco-Spanish Hydrogen Summit. We participated as listeners to learn first-hand about the foundations of a lasting and fruitful Franco-Spanish […]

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BIG HIT (Building Innovative Green Hydrogen systems in an Isolated Territory) Celebrates Official Handover of Two Hydrogen Tube Trailers from Calvera at All-Energy 2018

BIG HIT (Building Innovative Green Hydrogen systems in an Isolated Territory) celebrates another milestone with the official handover of two hydrogen tube trailers from Calvera at All-Energy 2018. These new trailers increase the Orkney fleet of hydrogen tube trailers to five, for the transportation of ‘green hydrogen’ safely and efficiently. This is a significant step […]

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