HIGGS holds 3rd External Advisory Board Meeting

HIGGS held the 3rd External Advisory Board Meeting at the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation on Thursday, December 1, 2022. In addition, the External Advisory Board had the opportunity to see the platform in operation during the start of the experimental campaign, which contemplates the injection of 30% H2 concentration in the mixture.

The objective of the meeting was to demonstrate the HIGGS test platform to the members of the External Advisory Board. This was timed to coincide with one of the regular meetings that the Foundation holds with the team. During the meeting, the progress of the project (results, new ideas, among others) was shown.

The meeting was held in a hybrid format so that the representatives had the opportunity to attend the platform visit or just the meeting. The visit was timed to coincide with the start of the third experimental campaign, which deals with the injection of a 30% mixture of hydrogen (H2) in methane (CH4) with trace impurities of H2S and CO2. An exploitation seminar was also held at the meeting to discuss the life of the platform beyond HIGGS.

The following conclusions were reached:

  • Display and discussion of the results of the first two campaigns.
  • The scenario of high-pressure grid injection of mixtures with up to 20% hydrogen content appears optimistic.
  • The members of the External Advisory Board showed the initiatives and projects in which they are immersed, and are closely related to the research developed at HIGGS.
  • There is a great spirit of cooperation to make networked hydrogen injection possible.
  • Board members see great potential for the platform to obtain information on the sensitivity of gas grid materials to H2.
  • Future work is to complete the experimental campaign with the 30% H2 and 100% H2 mix, so that we can transfer this data to our techno-economic model (which seeks to calculate costs for retrofitting real transport networks) and see how well aligned it is with the current regulatory and policy framework.
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