CFD project closes with successful simulation

The CFD project closes with a successful simulation.

To close the CFD project, a day was held involving all the partners (FHa, Zoilo Ríos and SFICE Innovation Minds) and guests to learn about the conclusions of the project.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) aims to take a further step towards the establishment of a filling protocol for heavy vehicle tanks. Therefore, simulation was used as a practice to gain new data for the study. Computational fluid dynamics has made it possible to study the behaviour of fluids and make appropriate design decisions.

Laura López, a specialist in renewable energies at SFICE Innovation Minds, explained that “hydrogen heats up when refuelling, so there are situations in which the tanks of heavy vehicles could be damaged. To avoid this, there are well-developed protocols for light vehicles, but in the case of heavy vehicles there is nothing obligatory, there are only recommendations and good practices”.

Hence the importance of a perfect modelling phase to obtain accurate results and conclusions. Meticulousness is key to approaching the whole subject and its phases.

During the simulation they encountered challenges that were overcome, several case studies were carried out to fine-tune the case and resolve the issues.

In addition to the closing day, SFICE Innovative Minds, made a Technical Summary of the project where you can find the conclusions in the CFD model of the tank and in the numerical model.


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