We close the year 2022 with two new projects

We close the year 2022 with two new projects to continue with the development of energy with hydrogen as an energy vector.

The Hydrogen Foundation in Aragon continues to advance with projects in the sector. This year 2022 we close it with two new projects, one of them is “CFD” (Development and validation of a fluid dynamic filling model of hydrogen tanks) and the other one is “OPTHYCS” (Hydrogen leakage control systems by optical fibre).

In the first one, the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation is in charge of the coordination and promotes the validation of the model with experimental data.

In the second project, our role is to perform validation tests of the technologies developed on HRS components at our facility in the Walqa Technology Park (Huesca, Spain). With extensive experience in safety requirements and standardisation in the H2 sector, we will lead the regulatory-related tasks and coordinate open access (OA) to all scientific publications related to the relevant project results, while ensuring that intellectual property rights are maintained by the consortium.

With the development of these new projects we achieve the advancement and fulfilment of our scope as a Foundation committed to sustainable energy using hydrogen as an energy vector.

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