The EVERYWH2ERE project wins the #BestInnovationAward 2021 at the European Hydrogen Week.

The main objective of the EVERYWH2ERE project is to develop hydrogen-based portable generators as an alternative to current diesel generators, capable of meeting the electricity supply needs of temporary events where access to the electricity grid is difficult.

This project, in which we are part of the Consortium, has won the #BestInnovationAward 2021 at the European Hydrogen Week. The award ceremony took place on 29 November at the FCH JU premises in Brussels. Stefano Barberis, coordinator of the EVERYWH2ERE project and business development manager at RINA collected the award and said: “Temporary power generators are widely used in cities to supply power for temporary events, concerts, construction sites, etc. Most of them are powered by engines that are powered by hydrogen. Most of them run on diesel internal combustion engines, which are very polluting. Therefore, demonstrating the use of hydrogen in fuel cell-equipped portable generators for temporary power applications at events, construction sites and film sets is a sustainable alternative.

Hydrogen Europe Research recognises the work of talented scientists in widening access to sustainable and efficient fuel cell technology for a wide range of high-impact applications.

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