15NRM03 Hydrogen

Metrology for sustainable hydrogen energy applications
June 2016 - May 2019


The EMPIR Hydrogen project – Metrology for sustainable hydrogen energy applications address the standardisation needs  in the hydrogen energy sector which meets the requirements of the European Directive in the deployment of Alternative Fuels Infrestructure 2014/94 EU by revising two standards  (ISO 14687-2 e ISO 16111) that currently are too generic  to enable a sustainable implementation.

The specific objectives are:

1.- To develop hydrogen quality specifications for fuel cell vehicles, including tolerance levels for impurities in hydrogen and limits for the degradation of fuel cell performance as per ISO 14687‑2 ‘Hydrogen fuel - Product specification – Part 2: Proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell applications for road vehicles 2012’. This will include recommendations on maximum concentration of individual compounds based on the new fuel cell degradation studies and on the probability of presence.

2.- To propose optimised analytical protocols (including fit-for-purpose analytical methods) and assess an analyser that enables the implementation of ISO 14687‑2. The multicomponent analyser should have optimised sampling analysis and meet the required detection limits as per business plans ISO/TC 197 “Hydrogen technologies” 2005-11-07 and CEN/TC 268 “Cryogenic vessels and specific hydrogen technologies applications” 2014-04-04.

3.- To develop and validate traceable methods for measuring the hydrogen mass absorbed in storage tanks (hydrides AB, AB2 and AB5), with reference to ISO 16111 “Developing transportable gas storage devices - Hydrogen absorbed in reversible metal hydride”.

4.- To contribute to the standards development work of key European and International Standards Developing Organisations ensuring that the outputs of the project are aligned with their needs, communicated quickly to those developing the standards and to those who will use them, and in a form that can be incorporated into the standards at the earliest opportunity.


The Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon has an important paper on reaching the objective number three in which it has to work on the develop of a traceable method for the measurement of absorbed hydrogen in hydride tanks.

Funding entities

This Project has received funding from the EMPIR programme co-financed by the Participating States and from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.