LA6.A3 Hydrogen station 700

LA6.A3 Hydrogen station 700 - Retrofitting of WALQA's HRS to 700 bar (Complementary Plans H2 Aragon - MICINN)
January 2022 - December 2024


This project is part of the Complementary Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Plan in which Aragon participates. The Complementary Plans are an instrument of the MICINN aimed at establishing collaborations with the Autonomous Regions in R&D&I actions that have common objectives based on interests reflected in the state and regional Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3). Within the Complementary Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Plan, this project is being developed under Action Line 6 (Development of systems for pressurised storage and supply of green hydrogen). The main objective of the LA6.A3 Hydrogen station 700 project is the reconditioning of the hydrogen refuelling station located in the facilities of the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation in the Walqa Technology Park, increasing the dispensing pressure for light vehicles to 700 bar, and allowing refuelling of heavy vehicles at 350 bar. Complementary to this objective, the new facility must allow the testing of certain components and processes, so that it becomes a platform for the development of the technologies involved. Specifically, the following partial objectives are established: - Elaboration of a basic reconditioning study - Development of the solution identified in the basic study, with installation specifications. - Launching of component purchases - Assembly of the installation - Commissioning of the installed equipment and systems during installation - Monitoring of the installation - Preparation of the operating and maintenance manual for the system


The Aragon Hydrogen Foundation is the project leader, and is responsible for all the activities, from the design of the specifications, management of supplies and assembly, preparation of the test plan, and execution of the monitoring. The activities will be carried out at the Foundation's facilities in Walqa Technology Park (Huesca).
Funding entities
Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN) (Complementary Plans) Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR). Government of Aragon. European Union Next GenerationEU. Statute of Autonomy of Aragon.