Project closes with results that would accelerate adoption of hydrogen technologies

We close project with results that would accelerate the adoption of hydrogen technologies. The project “Strategic positioning and promotion of sustainable hydrogen applications in the automotive and aeronautical sector” was carried out in collaboration between the Aeronautical and Aerospace Cluster of Aragon (AERA), the Automotive and Mobility Cluster of Aragon (CAAR) and the Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon (FHa).

The main objective of the project is to improve the strategic positioning of companies in the automotive and aeronautical value chain in the face of future sustainability challenges by promoting hydrogen applications in their processes and products.

To this end, an initial study has been carried out on the replacement of the conventional technology currently used by a renewable technology based on green hydrogen.

The results obtained in these studies have helped companies to better understand the technical-economic and environmental aspects of the use of a PEM electrolyzer, such as its carbon footprint during its useful life, and the importance of different variables associated with CAPEX and OPEX in the final cost of hydrogen.

Within the project, the closing event that took place on 26/10/23 at the facilities of  Aragon Hydrogen Foundation, consisted of:

  • Visit of FHa facilities.
  • Review of the results of the environmental and techno-economic studies of the selected case of interest (FHa).
  • Review of the project conclusions and next steps (AERA).
  • Coffee and networking as a final closure.

From the Aragonese Aeronautical Cluster (AERA) and the Aragon Automotive and Mobility Cluster (CAAR) with its more than 150 partners together and the FHa with more than 80 patrons, the aim has been to take an additional step and develop a study to determine the impact of the implementation of an electrolyzer in a real production process of a case of interest for these actors in the aeronautical and automotive sectors. What it would mean for companies in the aeronautical and automotive industry in Aragon, the replacement of their current energy sources by an electrolyzer that produces hydrogen in a renewable and completely clean way (green hydrogen).

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