Participamos en Transfiere, Foro Europeo para la Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación

We have been present at the main R&D&I meeting in Southern Europe to share scientific and technological knowledge, promote innovation and connect science and business.

Transfiere has closed its twelfth edition with the participation of more than 4,300 professional visitors who have had the opportunity to connect with 500 companies, entities and institutions driving innovation. The forum has celebrated one of its most ambitious events with a programme of contents in which more than 420 experts have participated and debated topics of maximum interest for scientific and technological development around more than 80 thematic panels.

During the 3 days we have participated in different presentations

OPTILYSER: Testing and validation of optimal dispatch software for electrolysers based on massive data processing for the production of green hydrogen in industrial applications.
PREVERH. Preventive Maintenance of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations.
In addition to the thematic panel reserved for FENAEIC “Federación Nacional de Agrupaciones Empresariales Innovadoras y Clusters” under the title ‘The leadership of clusters to promote innovation as a transforming element’.

Thanks to all of you who visited our stand at #Transfiere2023.


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