More than 170 people participate in the first HIGGS Project webinar

The HIGGS (Hydrogen in Gas Grids) project, led by the Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon, organized the first online seminar of the project this Wednesday 25th March. More than 170 people from all over the world attended the virtual seminar.

This event, which was originally planned to be held in person, had to be modified due to the situation caused by the Coronavirus outbreak. The acceptance to the session shows the interest of the European community and the industrial sector in the integration of hydrogen and Power-to-gas in the high-pressure distribution networks.

Three leading projects

The  session was structured around three presentations of projects: HIGGS (Hydrogen in Gas Grids), THyGA (Testing Hydrogen Admixtures for Gas Appliances) and Super Power2Gas (Synergies Utilising Renewable Power Regionally by means of Power-To-Gas).

The first, Hydrogen in Gas Grids (HIGGS), is led by the Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon and focuses on the decarbonisation of the gas network through the study of the impact that the insertion of hydrogen in the infrastructure could have. HIGGS is a three-year project that began in January 2020 and has the participation of six partners from four different countries.

The Testing Hydrogen Hydrogen Admixtures for Gas Appliances (THyGA) project, led by the French companie Engie, aims to carry out an exhaustive study of the impact of natural gas and hydrogen mixtures on installed equipment, both for domestic and commercial use.

Both HIGGS and THyGA aim to study the mixing of hydrogen with natural gas at different stages of the process, from its distribution at high pressure to its use by European households and companies. The study derived from this pre-normative research effort will allow the maximum use to be made of the existing gas infrastructure, a vital asset for energy supply.

Last but not least, the project Synergies Utilising Renewable Power Regionally by means of Power-To-Gas (Super Power2Gas) was presented. It is lead by the European Research Institute for Gas and Energy Innovation (ERIG) and it connects leading initiatives from five countries to improve learning and adoption of this technology.

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