Joining Gasnam-Neutral Transport to boost the hydrogen economy

The president of the Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon (FHa), Arturo Aliaga, and the president of Gasnam-Neutral Transport, Silvia Sanjoaquín, have signed a collaboration agreement by which both entities undertake to promote the development of the hydrogen economy and boost its role as a key energy vector for the decarbonisation of transport.

According to the signed agreement, FHa and Gasnam-Neutral Transport will collaborate in the organisation of activities that promote innovation and research on hydrogen, as well as promoting synergies and developing alliances, both nationally and internationally, to increase the relevance and perception of hydrogen as a solution to decarbonise transport.

We will also develop joint outreach actions and share relevant public information related to the use of renewable gases, hydrogen and fuel cells.

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