40th Board of Trustees Meeting: New memberships approved

40th Meeting of the Board of Trustees: New memberships approved.

The Vice President and President of the Hydrogen Foundation Aragon (FHa) has chaired the 40th Meeting of the Board of Trustees, which has approved the adhesion of new entities such as Repsol, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, RIVI Technical Group and the Spanish Gas Association, SEDIGAS.

With these new approvals, the FHa aims to expand the incorporation of new companies, research centres and leading organisations in their respective fields of activity, which will strengthen the development of hydrogen-related projects.

FHa is currently working on more than 30 projects under different institutional calls for proposals. It has been and continues to be key to detecting and promoting unique energy, reindustrialisation or R&D&I initiatives, with hydrogen and decarbonisation as a common nexus.

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