H2PiyR project partners inaugurate the Pamiers hydropower station

H2PiyR – has reached a new milestone in the history of the project, with the inauguration today of the hydrogen plant located in Riex-de-Pelleport (Pamiers). The project aims to develop a cross-border corridor of refuelling stations for hydrogen vehicles connecting Spain, France with central and northern Europe, where the deployment of infrastructures associated with this type of emission-free sustainable mobility is more advanced.
This hydrogen station has been designed for refuelling fuel cell vehicles. It can be charged at 200, 350 and 700 bar. At the event, the hydrogen refuelling station has been put into service refilling Hyundai Nexo units of the H2PiyR project, both by the Fundación Hidrogeno Aragón, being the first hydrogen car registered in Spain, destined for research and dissemination tasks, arrived from the city of Huesca, as well as the own property of H2 Impulsión. In addition, there is also a hydrogen refuelling station for hydrogen-powered bicycles on the same site.
The speeches of the event were made by the representatives of the partner entities that make this project possible: Lilian Cantos, President of the Ondulia Group, to which the partner entity of the H2 Impulsion project belongs, Alain Picasso – Director EDF Hydro and finally, Manuel Muniesa – Project Manager of the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation. All of them thanked and highlighted the importance of the support received from the Interreg POCTEFA programme and the team of the Working Community of the Pyrenees (CTP), key to achieving the objectives of the project. They also underlined the excellent coordination of the parties involved in the development of this renewable energy vector to promote sustainable mobility by establishing a corridor of hydrogen refuelling stations between the north of Spain and the south of France.
It is worth highlighting the presence of authorities from the Government of Occitania and the French State through the Agence Nationale de la Cohésion de Territoires and CEA Tech.
The day was also attended by the media of the Occitania Region such as: the Gazette Ariégeoise and La Dépêche . Both were very interested in following the progress and deployment of hydrogen in their department.

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