H2iber seeks to improve water management in renewable hydrogen projects

The H2iber project aims to improve the management of water and water resources in renewable hydrogen projects.

To do so, the project will use software tools to analyse industrial processes and detect improvements in resource management systems. These improvements will bring efficiency to processes and contribute to the sustainability of water resources.

The project has been divided into three phases in order to gradually cover the monitoring of water resources at national level.

In the first phase, information will be collected on existing renewable hydrogen projects in Spain. This information will be used to create a database to identify opportunities for improvement in water management.

In the second phase, software tools will be developed to analyse industrial processes. These tools will identify areas where water consumption can be reduced.

In the third phase, the improvements identified in the renewable hydrogen projects will be implemented.

The H2iber project is an important step towards ensuring the sustainability of renewable hydrogen production in Spain.

Some specific improvements expected to be achieved with the H2iber project include:

-Reducing water consumption in renewable hydrogen projects.

-Improving the efficiency of hydrogen production processes.

-Reducing the environmental impact of hydrogen production.

The Aragon Hydrogen Foundation (FHa) is the coordinator of the H2iber project. In this role, FHa has the following responsibilities:

Comprehensive project management: FHa is responsible for the technical, financial and administrative management of the project, ensuring its successful implementation and development. This includes the planning, organisation, supervision and control of all project activities.

Dissemination of results: FHa is responsible for the dissemination of the project results. For this purpose, it will establish a dissemination plan defining the target audience, messages, channels and periodicity of the communication actions.

Technical contribution: FHa will provide its extensive experience in hydrogen technologies to generate a data source of water needs in renewable hydrogen production processes. It will also provide a breakdown of the main technical parameters to be considered in the development of a water management plan for hydrogen projects.

In conclusion, FHa plays a key role in the H2iber project. Its responsibilities cover the integral management of the project, the dissemination of results and the technical contribution. FHa’s experience and expertise in hydrogen technologies will be fundamental to the success of the project.

The H2iber project is funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and by the Innovative Business Groups (AEI). It is coordinated by the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation and has the participation of 3 partners: ZINNAE, Geoslab and DH2 Energy.

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