Green Skills for Hydrogen lands in Greece to boost hydrogen training

Green Skills for Hydrogen project partners meet in Kozani to boost hydrogen training

The Greek city of Kozani became the epicentre of hydrogen knowledge with the third General Assembly of the Green Skills for Hydrogen project.

This initiative, which seeks to develop educational programmes and train professionals in the field of hydrogen, brought together its partners from various European countries to assess its progress and define strategies for its sustainable future.

This meeting, held two years after the first in Brussels and one after the second in Turin, served as a platform to assess the project’s progress, share ideas and establish strategies for the future.


A journey of learning and exchange

On the first day of the General Assembly, the partners visited the facilities of B&T composites in Florina, a company specialised in the development of pressurised gas tanks, including those for hydrogen storage.

This visit gave the participants the opportunity to see the production process of this type of tank, the improvements that research can bring to the sector and encouraged the exchange of knowledge among the experts.

Progress and strategies for a sustainable future

In the afternoon, the partners met to review the progress of the different work packages of the project. Each team presented their achievements, challenges and future plans, creating a space for collaboration and mutual learning. The partners’ dinner, held the same evening in Kozani, consolidated the spirit of collaboration and strengthened the relationships between the participants.

The long-term sustainability work package: A strategic approach

The second day of the General Assembly focused on the presentation of the progress of the long-term sustainability work package, led by our organisation. This package aims to ensure the viability and lasting impact of the Green Skills for Hydrogen project after its completion.

Synergies and new ideas for greater impact

The presentation of the long-term sustainability work package generated a rich discussion among the partners, where synergies with other work packages were identified and new ideas were proposed to increase the impact of the project. The remote participation of the Project Officer, Paolo Zancanella, provided valuable advice and recommendations for the elaboration of the activity report.

A fruitful meeting

The third General Assembly of the Green Skills for Hydrogen project was a fruitful experience that allowed partners to better understand how to align with each other, identify new areas of work and strengthen strategies to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project. The meeting has been a source of inspiration and motivation to continue working together towards a greener future powered by hydrogen.

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