Everything ready to participate in the European Hydrogen Week

Ready for the European Hydrogen Week 2022.

The third edition of the European Hydrogen Week will take place from
24-28 October 2022 and Hydrogen Europe & Expo’s flagship event is part of it.
of it.
European Hydrogen Week is the largest annual event dedicated to hydrogen with a series of major events around hydrogen. The week relies on the cooperation and common effort of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership and its members: the European Commission, Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe Research.

FHa participation in European Hydrogen Week 2022

As a Foundation dedicated to the development of new hydrogen technologies we are part of Hydrogen Europe Research and we will be in Hall 23.

Hydrogen Europe Research is an international non-profit association composed of more than 120 universities and research and technology organizations (RTOs) from 27 countries across Europe and beyond. They represent the European scientific community involved in the development of a new hydrogen-based industrial ecosystem, and committed to moving towards a circular, carbon-neutral economy.

They actively promote scientific excellence, intellectual property development and technology transfer in Europe. As well as driving new ideas and assisting advances in the hydrogen-based energy ecosystem, while supporting the industrial sector in its goal of improving current technologies and achieving economic viability of hydrogen-based solutions in the marketplace.

Hydrogen Europe Research is part of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, following and debating European policies and working to create a hydrogen competence agenda.

To learn more about our participation you can visit European Hydrogen Week.

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