DEMO4GRID project ends with excellent results

We started the Demo4Grid project in March 2017 and this past August it has been completed. The main objective of the Demo4Grid project is the commercial configuration and demonstration of a technical solution using “state-of-the-art” pressurised alkaline electrolyser (PAE) technology to provide grid balancing services under real operational and market conditions.

In the latest stage of the project, the Demo4Grid project partners have achieved one of the most important milestones in the European hydrogen sector, the successful installation of a 3.2 MW pressurised alkaline electrolyser from the manufacturer Sunfire at the MPREIS food production site in Völs, Austria.

The green hydrogen produced will be used in various applications that contribute to the decarbonisation of MPREIS’ business and will have a major impact on its region, the Tyrol. Thanks to this solution, fossil-based natural gas will be replaced to heat the oven of the MPREIS bakery on site.

Added to this is the positive impact of the fact that the fuel cell electric delivery trucks will have the opportunity to refuel at the hydrogen filling station located at the food production site. In addition, the heat arising from the operation of the electrolyser will be used in the bakery to improve overall energy efficiency. Without a doubt, this is a project where every step adds up for the environment.

For the Foundation it has been a pleasure to work on this initiative together with the other members of the consortium: MPREIS, Sunfire, Inycom, FEN Systems – Green Energy Center Europe, Diadikasia Business Consulting.

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