Life Zero Energy Mod is nominated for Energy Globe World Award

Our project Life Zero Energy Mod is nominated for the Energy Globe World Award. The ENERGY GLOBE Award is an environmental prize awarded annually in more than 180 countries by the Austrian-based non-profit foundation ENERGY GLOBE. The award recognises projects that focus on energy efficiency, sustainability and the use of renewable energies. The aim is […]

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H2iber seeks to improve water management in renewable hydrogen projects

The H2iber project aims to improve the management of water and water resources in renewable hydrogen projects. To do so, the project will use software tools to analyse industrial processes and detect improvements in resource management systems. These improvements will bring efficiency to processes and contribute to the sustainability of water resources. The project has […]

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Green Hysland wins European H2 Valley of the Year Award

The Green Hysland project has been selected as one of the three European hydrogen valley projects of 2023 in the sixth edition of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership Awards. This year’s award was given for the project’s outstanding efforts to develop integrated systems for hydrogen production, supply, storage and use in multiple sectors, along with: Hydrogen […]

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HIGGS project concludes moving towards a more sustainable European gas grid

HIGGS project concludes moving towards a more sustainable European gas grid. Following the closing conference of the HIGGS project, which took place during the European Hydrogen Week, it can be confirmed, according to Gerald Linke, president of ERIG – European Research Institute for Gas and Energy Innovation AISBL, that “the European transport network is suitable […]

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H2Global: Mission in Morocco, pioneer country in green hydrogen

H2Global successfully carried out its mission in Morocco, a pioneer country in green hydrogen. Morocco has adopted an ambitious roadmap to develop the production and uses of green hydrogen, relying in particular on the implementation of international partnerships. On behalf of the H2Global meta-cluster, Capenergies led an EU delegation to meet with public and private […]

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Project closes with results that would accelerate adoption of hydrogen technologies

We close project with results that would accelerate the adoption of hydrogen technologies. The project “Strategic positioning and promotion of sustainable hydrogen applications in the automotive and aeronautical sector” was carried out in collaboration between the Aeronautical and Aerospace Cluster of Aragon (AERA), the Automotive and Mobility Cluster of Aragon (CAAR) and the Foundation for […]

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UpHyMob project: Upskilling for H2 mobility

UpHyMob project: Upskilling for H2 mobility. Upskilling the EU workforce for hydrogen fleets and infrastructure operation and maintenance. As part of the EU’s Green Deal, hydrogen is foreseen to play a big role in the decarbonisation goals prescribed. As the cost for producing green hydrogen (H2) (i.e. renewable hydrogen from electrolysis) drops, H2 can contribute […]

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