SH2E holds its General Asambly with the support of all partners

The General Asambly of the SH2E project, now in its sixth month, took place on 1 July. The objective of the SH2E project is to provide a harmonised multidimensional framework for LCSA and prospective benchmarking of FCH systems. To this end, the SH2E project will develop and demonstrate specific guidelines for environmental (LCA), economic (LCC) […]

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Together with the Department of Industry, we present the GetHyGA initiative, an industrial ecosystem based on hydrogen, to the Aragonese business community.

We promote the GetHyGA initiative, which aims to bring together a large number of projects to be developed in the region related to hydrogen from the energy, economic, industrial and development points of view. The Vice-president and Minister of Industry, Competitiveness and Business Development of the Government of Aragon, Arturo Aliaga, defines the initiative “GetHyGA […]

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The Aragon Hydrogen Foundation participates in the eGHOST project, pioneer in Europe, which will develop the reference guidelines for the ecodesign of hydrogen technologies.

The eGHOST project seeks a sustainable design that minimises the economic, environmental and social impacts of hydrogen systems throughout their life cycle. An international consortium in which the Hidrógeno Aragón Foundation participates and led by the Madrid-based research institute IMDEA Energía will define the eco-design principles for electrolysers and fuel cells. The European Commission considers […]

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The Fundación Hidrógeno Aragón donates several computers to Cáritas Diocesana de Huesca

Today we have donated seven computers to Cáritas Diocesana de Huesca to reinforce the social projects of the organisation, both for use in promotional and employment training and for the systematisation of social information. This collaboration is part of the social responsibility actions that the FHA carries out periodically due to its commitment to the […]

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The Aragon Hydrogen Foundation and the Chilean Hydrogen Association collaborate for the international development of the sector

Both organizations have signed a memorandum of understanding that will allow them to exchange experiences in the development of projects and explore new commercial opportunities that will benefit companies working in this field. Cooperating to organize activities that promote research, innovation, technological development, training and dissemination of the hydrogen and fuel cell sector is the […]

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PROMET-H2: A European project for reducing the cost and making a more sustainable methanol production from renewable hydrogen on an industrial scale

The Aragon Hydrogen Foundation is participating in this initiative, which has a budget of nearly 6 million euros and brings together 12 academic and industrial partners from 6 countries. The current need to decarbonize society and the different economic activities makes it necessary to implement new processes that allow this purpose to be carried out […]

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Aragon and the area around Pau collaborate to promote industrial development and the extension of hydrogen technologies

The Vice President of the Government of Aragon, Arturo Aliaga, has visited several sustainable mobility projects, as well as production, transport and distribution renewable gases and technology transfer projects in the “Territory of Industry Lacq-Pau-Tarbes”, a public-private partnership initiative in which the State, the regions and the companies of the neighbouring country work in a […]

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A project on new materials to increase the value of biogas from urban and agro-industrial solid waste

The BIOGAS_RIS3 research project, coordinated by the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation and supported by companies such as Grupo Samca, Enagás, MANN+HUMMEL IBÉRICA or GRHUSA, boosts specialisation in clean and renewable energies and promotes technology transfer to the production system. The BIOGAS_RIS3A project has reached its halfway point after achieving the first satisfactory results in the development […]

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HIGGS, a key project to promote decarbonisation in Europe coordinated by the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation

The Vice President of the Government of Aragon (Spain), Arturo Aliaga, has participated in the kick-off meeting to launch an European cooperation initiative that for 36 months will study the possibilities of injecting hydrogen into existing natural gas networks as a way to reduce CO2 emissions. The new European directives on energy and the environment […]

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