We highlight our hydrogen projects in RENMAD H2 Chile 2022

We highlighted our hydrogen projects in RENMAD H2 Chile 2022, as a major component for the energy transition.

During October 7 and 8, the event RENMAD H2 Chile 2022 was held, where we were present with the representation of Guillermo Figueruelo Malo, head of business development at the Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon.

During the event, topics were discussed to learn more about how to promote, build and operate profitable renewable hydrogen projects in Chile. The Foundation actively contributed knowledge in the research and development of projects directly related to hydrogen.

Some of the aspects that RENMAD H2 Chile focused on were: the regulation, processing, permitting, certification and blending of renewable hydrogen projects; as well as examining the business models of renewable hydrogen projects, hydrogen hubs or hydrogen valleys.

RENMAD H2 CHILE is an event that aims to provide the keys to overcome all the challenges that arise when developing renewable hydrogen generation projects.

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