The Aragon Hydrogen Foundation presents its activity on hydrogen in road transportation in a webinar by Gasnam

The Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon has participated in the webinar organized by Gasnam on the use of hydrogen in road transport. This webinar is part of a cycle of free sessions that respond to the objective of bringing mobility with renewable gases to users, companies and administration.

On Monday May 11th, the director of the Hydrogen Foundation of Aragon, Fernando Palacín, presented some projects and experiences of hydrogen use as Elygrid, Elyntegration, Demo4grid, Qualygrids or Ely4off. “We are in a transition towards renewable hydrogen production that would allow us to become independent when producing our own fuel”, he said.

The Foundation’s director placed special emphasis on the results obtained by the BIG HIT project, which works to demonstrate the viability of an integrated model for the production, storage, transport and use of hydrogen in isolated populations. In addition, attendees were presented the objectives of HIGGS, a recently launched project led by FHA that is taking its first steps to address the potential of hydrogen injection into the high-pressure natural gas transmission network as a way to achieve the decarbonization of the gas system.

Moreover, Fernando Palacín did not forget to mention other European initiatives such as Fébus, the hydrogen bus rapid transport network created in the city of Pau (France).

Hydrogen in road transport: a webinar in three acts

The hydrogen value chain was presented in three sessions, starting with production technologies by María Jaén (Enagás) and Fernando Palacín (Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon), the distribution of hydrogen and the characteristics of hydrogenerators with Marcos López-Brea (Redexis) and Miguel Ángel Castro (Scalegas – Grupo Enagás) and, finally, the offer of light and heavy vehicles with Rebeca Guillén from Toyota España and Jose Luis Perez Souto from Iveco.

This webinar has been moderated by Eugenia Sillero, general secretary of Gasnam, who has assured that “Spain can become one of the main European producers of renewable hydrogen thanks to the fact that it has abundant solar and wind resources and a wide and modern gas network that could transport and store hydrogen for mobility. The use of hydrogen in transport makes it possible to achieve the ambitious decarbonization objectives we are facing while meeting the requirements of autonomy, power and refueling time”.

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