31st May, 1st and 2nd June.

Come to RENMAD HIDROGENO with our discount code.

Save the date so you don’t miss the most comprehensive event on renewable hydrogen in Spanish. We will address all the major challenges that currently arise, such as cost, regulation or the creation of demand to mark a before and after in this market.

RENMAD HIDROGENO is the event that brings together all the parties involved in the renewable hydrogen value chain, from regulation and markets, generation and plant design to demand and uses, including transport, storage and the most striking projects currently being developed at national and international level.

Some important points developed at RENMAD HYDROGEN will be:

  • The roadmap to reduce the price of renewable hydrogen by accelerating the learning curve and the technological scale to compete with grey hydrogen in a few years.
  • Barriers and opportunities in the implementation of renewable hydrogen as an energy vector for decarbonisation, from regulation, technology, subsidies, demand creation, etc.
  • The technologies of alkaline electrolysers, PEM and SOEC to determine which is the most suitable for your renewable hydrogen projects.
  • How to size, design, integrate, build and operate cost-effective renewable hydrogen projects.
  • Case studies of large national and international projects – both valley, grid injection and blending – from investment and business case to end use of your hydrogen.
  • The potential of current and future demand for renewable hydrogen in industrial, residential, transport and mobility uses.
  • Cutting-edge technologies for storage and transport of renewable hydrogen for consumption and export; including hydrogen products, fuel cells, containers, trucks, etc.
  • The latest in “Power to X”: understanding the business case for integrated ammonia projects and other liquid products based on renewable hydrogen.

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