tecnologias-de-almacenamiento-para-sistemas-de-transporte-e-insulares-en-el-proyecto-sinnogenes-fundacion hidrogeno aragon

Storage technologies for transport and insular systems in SINNOGENES project

Several experts gathered for a webinar to explore innovative solutions for energy storage and management, especially in island and transport systems. Key points for solutions within the projects One of the projects highlighted during the event was SINNOGENES: This project develops and evaluates state-of-the-art storage and flexibility technologies to support the transition to a green […]

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Demo Soria: Decoupling converter installed in the CEDER-CIEMAT microgrid of Lubia

CEDER-CIEMAT microgrid is reinforced with an exclusive power electronic converter capable of varying the frequency and voltage of the 15kV grid. The CEDER-CIEMAT, located in Lubia, experienced on Thursday, April 11th, the day when the inaugural tests of a decoupling converter were conducted, marking a milestone in the control and stability capacity of the electrical […]

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