RIEG 4.0

Reduction of the Global Energy Intensity of a Connected Industry 4.0
September 2018 - March 2019


The main objective of the project is to respond to a need of the connected company 4.0 allowing the reduction of energy costs thanks to the automated management of the demand curve and acting above the energy-intensive operations in particular.

The project consists in the development of software that will analyze the electric bill in real time, in each moment of consumption. When it detects that predetermined limits are going to be exceeded, it will set in motion an autonomous system of energy production that will provide the excess energy requested at specific moments. Moreover, the software will do an study for the optimal operation and declare alerts for the preventive and predictive maintenance of the industry studied.

RIEG 4.0 is a continuation of the work developed by the same consortium with the project SOFT CDC 4.0 under the scope of the 2017 call.


The Foundation for the Development of the New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon is in charge of the technical coordination and it also cover tasks in technical areas.

Funding entities