North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley (NAHV)
September 2023 - September 2029


NAHV project builds on the LoI signed in March 2022 by representatives of the Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure, Croatian Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and Friuli Venezia Giulia (FVG) Autonomous Region in Italy, contributing to the European Green Deal and European Hydrogen Strategy goals. The main objective in NAHV is the creation of a hydrogen-based economic, social, and industrial ecosystem based on the capacity of the quadruple helix actors. The 36 organizations covering the transnational Central European area of 3 territories (Slovenia, Croatia and FVG region) will have as specific objectives: - Demonstration of cross-border integration of hydrogen production, distribution, and consumption. - Exchange of over 20% of NAHV annual hydrogen production of over 5000 tons. - Activation of 17 testbed applications in their related ecosystems, clustered in 3 main pillars: hard to abate, energy, and transport sectors. This will act as real-life cases for piloting global hydrogen markets, moving from TRL 6 at the beginning to TRL 8 at the end of the project. - Demonstration of fuel cell applications in energy and transport sectors. - Scaling-up the testbeds at industrial level. - Replication for the whole NAHV model, with the uptake of at least 5 additional hydrogen valleys in Europe, particularly in Central and Southeastern Europe.


FHa contribution will be spread across project activities in all main transversal tasks, maximizing FHa’s consolidated experience in the already existing and successful hydrogen valleys across Europe. Specific activities: - Participation in the North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley definition. - Development of a Joint Action Plan (JAP) and NAHV Master Plan & Business Model. - Replication activities to transfer the approach, methodology and know-how to at least 5 other EU regions (with a special focus on Central and Eastern Europe). - Peer exchange with the other existing HVs with the aim of creating a European H2 economy. In this line, NAHV will be fuelled by the know-how from the previous GREEN HYSLAND, BIG HIT, AND HEAVENN hydrogen valleys.
Funding entities
Clean Hydrogen Partnership Co-funded by the European Union